Our peanut is now a chunky monkey! He saw the gastro doctor today and weighed in at 11 pounds!!!! That is double his birth weight! We were also giving permission to leave his NG tube out for a few days and see if he can tolerate his feeds by mouth. Our day got even better when we stopped by the hospital to see some old friends. Little did we know that sweet caroline was working days not nights! It was such a great surprise for both of us.

I start work tonight at ten pm and will get off at 6 am. Mom will be watching Alex overnight for me.

oh-and i will try to post more often but its been hard running back and forth to the doctors!!


One response to “CHUNKY MONKEY

  1. Where are you going to be working? I hope you can do okay working nights and having Alex during the day, I’m not sure I could. More power to you! Its great that he is growing. Keep going Alex.

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