Long time…No post!

I have just recently found time to take up blogging again. Alex is doing AMAZING. We have not had a hospital stay in months…(knock on wood) and Alex is off all medications. We have a few appointments coming up that will hopefully end this medical junk for now. In the coming weeks , Alex has to get blood drawn and sent off to Cinn. Children’s Hospital in Ohio for immunology. This test is for the lymphocyte activation panel measuring his immune response. These test were always very elevated during his episodes, so now that he is stable the doctors would like to make a comparison for future reference. In July, we have the BIG ONE YEAR appointment. I thought we would never make it here! August brings another road trip to Philadelphia for testing and appointments with G.I. and possibly Orthopedics. As some of you may know, Alex was born with a birth defect, a missing finger. At CHOP in October last year, he had a consult with the orthopedic surgeon regarding repair. He was not strong enough to withstand the operation at that time but we were asked to bring him back around his birthday. Frank and I are doing ok considering all we have been through in the past year. The economy is jeopardizing his job at this time and he is currently applying for other positions. We do not know yet if this will require us t move but are open to the possibility. Alex turns one on July 9th and we will be celebrating on Sunday, July 12th at my mom’s. I will do my best to update this more regularly and will add some picture /videos shortly. Current information can be found on either http://www.helpalexbaker.com or on Facebook under
Samantha Baker-Washington, D.C.

He loves to read books!

He loves to read books!


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