bad day…

Today has been a bad day for alex. In his first feed this morning at 9am he vommited twice and both had mucos in them. He has also started stooling out again. His tubing that is attached to his PICC line came off and his port was open and bleeding for several minutes. He did have infection grow back in both sides of his line and the only good news so far is that there is no blood in his stools and the infection has not reached his blood.

4 responses to “bad day…

  1. Grannie is so sorry that you having ANOTHER BAD DAY……….. you just keep fighting and try to stay strong, whats in your mouth???? it looks like a big sucker,but i know your mommy isnt giving you suckers yet,is she??? Grannie will call and check on you and mommy later, I LOVE YOU,PEANUT, HUGS AND KISSES LOVE GRANNIE

  2. We’re thinking good thoughts for you guys! Please let us know if you need anything!! Love, the Turners!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about bad days. I hope they get better soon. Thanks for posting so many pictures, they are great.

  4. 5 East - Sarah, Becky, Elsy

    Alex – stop getting sick!! We love you – post some pictures peanut!

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