The past few days…

have been really crazy! Monday night, Alex’s femoral line stopped functioning. On Tuesday morning we went down for surgery. He had a broviach line placed in the middle of his chest. during surgery, the Dr attempted to place the line on either side of his neck but was unsuccessful. He now has 2 stiches on either side of his neck, but they should come out in 3-5 days. The line comes out of his chest about 3/4 inch below his nipples right in the middle of his chest. When we came back up to our room in the afternoon, we realized that they had left the femoral line in his leg. The nurses here removed the line. As per protocol, they held pressure to the site for 5 mins. After the 5 minutes, the nurse walked across the room to get some vitals off the monitor and we were just talking. One minute later, I look down at Alex and he is white as a ghost and soaked in blood. His whole bed was covered, so as you cold imagine I was freaking out. I was like “um…Caroline” and she looked at me grabbed his leg and told me to hit the emergency button. I hit the button and it went off but the self canceled. We c couldn’t figure out why no one was coming to help so I hit the button again and ran to the door. I was almost  knocked down by about 8 nurses and the Dr. Well, not the dr on call for Alex, but his favorite Dr Brown…who was just in for a meeting. The gathered around his bed and were there for about 15 minutes trying to get it to stop. Needless to say he lost a lot of blood. it just would not clot. They were applying so much pressure his foot was purple. It finally stopped, at which point there was blood everywhere. I was a mess, but about that time mom walked into the door. She saw the scene and was just as freaked as I was I think. He was borderline low blood counts when we came back from surgery and should have had a transfusion in the next few days, but because of last nights ordeal, he needed an emergency transfusion late last night. It went well and he is doing ok now, just very grouchy. Neither one of us got any sleep last night. Today, we took a red wagon ride around the halls. He seemed to really enjoy it, so did I. Below are some pictures…

One response to “The past few days…

  1. Wow that sounds crazy! I’m glad that it all ended up okay.

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