Today was a big day! We were seen by many doctors so I will break them down below. A friend of ours, Brandon, came to visit with us and brought lots of yummy snacks!! Thanks!! Mom came down to visit this afternoon and grandma and papa came down this morning. If anyone has an air mattress that I can borrow for the duration of our stay I would really appreciate it. We will be here for awhile longer and this chair is really starting to hurt. It does lay out but it is still so uncomfortable. Just email me or mom if you do..TIA

Pediatric G.I. – The biopsy taken from his colon shows signs of an allergic reaction.

Pediatrician – The biopsy signal that the FPIES syndrome they were looking into is seeming like more of a possibility.

Pediatric Cardiologist – His low heart rates are correlating with his deep sleep cycles and they are rising again on their own so there is nothing to worry about.

Geneticist – There may be a correlation with his illness and his missing digit, but nothing she can think of now. She will do some more research and order a few tests in the coming days.

Immunologist – Is going to review the biopsy results and will order blood work to narrow the possibilities down to FPIES or not.

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