A few new pictures…

Alex has been sporting his shades during his hard times…for example IV sticks and a lot  more…here is one of the pictures! I will post more later but for now they are on grandma’s camera and she doesn’t know how to load them to her computer…

After his procedures this morning he really wanted to sleep but the bright lights were in his eyes…Granny brought him a hat that our loving neighbors dropped off…I don’t know if you can tell but it has little crabs all over it…since our baby boy has a right to be crabby!! He is in a HALO Sleep Sack which we first got here in the gift shop but mom was able to find more of at Babies-R-Us. They work great because it keeps him swaddled like he likes but makes all his tubing easy to get to because they zip from top to bottom. Opposite of a coat for example…allowing all his tubes to be gathered and pulled down and out. In the middle of the night since they have to come every hour or two, it makes it easier on everyone because they can unzip up and get to everything they need without waking Alex or I up…in theory of course because every time they come in I wake up!

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