His fever is back today and higher than ever. 102.6! All the cultures they sent off are negative for a bacterial infection, which is good news. they stopped the antibiotics today. They will leave the iv port in his scalp just in case he needs it again. We were sent downstairs for an ultrasound to check for any unusual inflammation such as his bowels or his appendix. The ultrasound technician said everything looked OK but we have to wait for the Dr and the Pediatric radiologist to read the results. He will most likely go for a CT Scan of his abdomen tonight or tomorrow which will require sedation. The pediatrician has ordered more blood work to try and find the source of the fever. A CBC, IEG, and a Hemoglobin test were ordered but so far no one has been able to get any blood out of peanut. A NICU nurse is supposed to be coming up soon to try again. Frank came up for the day but is on his way home now. He just can’t stand to watch them do ANYTHING to peanut. He gets so upset, no that I don’t but I have been here for all of it so I am almost used to it. At least as used to it as one can be…I will post more tonight if we hear anything new.

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