Plans for Monday

OK The G.I. Dr just stopped by to discuss what happened this morning and the plans for Monday. I found our the Dr this morning who said we were going down for the procedure has only been a Dr since July. On Monday morning he will have a scope from both the top and the bottom. They will biopsy his esophagus, stomach, small intestines, and colon. the whole process will take about 30 mins. He should be under for 15-30 mins both before and after the procedure, but I am able to stay with him until he is asleep. His fever is on the rise again so I will post more when I know later.

So this evening his temp has come back down! YAY!! I’m going to shower and relax some while “one-eye’d jack” sleeps

One response to “Plans for Monday

  1. Samie, we are all thinking about you and Alex and Frank. Your little baby is in all of our prayers. Grandma has given her blessing or permission or whatever it should be called, for us to go away from her (Jack will be here) on Sunday so we will be there to see you and Alex. What kind of treats or snacks can we bring you? We got Alex a few books, is there anything else you would like to have for him or you? Love you guys and see you soon.

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