36 Hours of Hell

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday however things here went crazy. On Wednesday, Alex slept off and on from 8 am until 8pm. He only woke for about an hour total all day. NOT NORMAL for our little baby. They took his temperature at about 4 am yesterday and it was 101.5. They gave him Tylenol and drew blood and took a urine sample. Thursday morning his fever spiked again and he remind lethargic and mostly unresponsive. The drs ordered and emergency spinal tap and a full work up as they were concerned about septic shock. the preliminary result came back as negative for Meningitis and RotoVirus which is good but still does not explain the spiked fevers. The full results will take 48 hours to return but they began IV antibiotics yesterday. It took them over an hour with 3 nurses from PICU and NICU to get a line in and they had to place it in a vein in his head. In the evening he did become slightly more alert and only had low grade fevers. Yesterday we were told that the scope planned for this morning was being canceled due to his illness. This morning after a horrible night of explosive diarrhea, the resident Dr came in and said he was to be taken down for his scope at 7:30. (This was at 6:45) I was freaked! I called mom and frank. Mom called grandma and Papa. They made it here in an hour only to find out that the Dr had not conferred with the G.I. Dr. so the scope is canceled and tentatively scheduled for Monday. He is sleeping in his swing so I am going to get some rest if i can.

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