wed. morning

The neonatal pediatric G.I. came by yesterday and today. They are having him review Alex’s case because his size almost makes him a preemie. The G.I. scope is tentatively scheduled for Friday morning. It can be canceled if for some reason he makes a vast improvement but I doubt it will. He gained a little more weight which you can look at on the weight page to the right. I have translated the kg weights they give me to lbs for everyone else…

The Dr is going to increase his caloric intake from 50 calories to 62.5 calories a day. He is also decreasing the amount via volume he will be getting per hour. Now it is going in at a rate of 35 cc an hour (just over an ounce) but will come down to somewhere between 20-30 cc an hour,

That’s all for now…peanut is waking up!

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