Peds. G.I. Consult

The G.I. Dr just rounded on Alex. All his stools came back positive for blood in them. So…here is the plan for today:

1) Blood Work-to look for low blood counts due to the stool blood/or infection

2) Stool Studies-to look for more possible allergies that are in the ele care (corn/sugar/etc.) or infections (ecoli, etc.) that would cause stomach irritation

3) Barium Enema X-Ray- to look at his lower intestines, colon, etc. for kinks, tears, twists

If all these things come back OK, they plan to do an endoscopy on Wednesday. He will have to go under general anesthesia for this as well as have an IV. They will have to stop his feeds and depending on how they do it possible remove then replace the NJ tube.

Most of his labs should be back later today but some of the stool studies/blood work may take until tomorrow.

One response to “Peds. G.I. Consult

  1. I hope they all come back okay, or they can figure something out that will help.

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