Sick :(

I came over to Mom’s on Tuesday so that she could keep Alex for me on Wednesday. I was going to go interview at a home daycare but ended up not going. Earlier this week I was alittle stuffy but I thought it was just due to the high pollen count. I think I was wrong!! Alex woke up Wednesday morning very congested and was having trouble breathing…poor little guy was so upset! We took him to the dr tht afternoon and said just to watch him very closely for signs of anything getting worse. This morning I woke up to a baby who wouldn’t eat any formula and took soome pedialyte(sp?) only to spit it all up. He had liquid diapers all day upwards of like 12-15. Needless to say he is still not feeling well. His dr said no formula until we talk to them again tomorrow just one ounce of pedialyte at a time. They did suggest we stay close incase he needs to be brought back in so we are staying at mom’s. Grandma and Papa brought over a bed for me and we put it in the nursery so I can get some sleep. While we were moving the bed I ripped open my incision AGAIN…OUCH!! Well, if last night was any preview for tonight I had better try and sleep now while he is. poor little guy!! 😦

Oh, and Tracey…I got your email an dthey look cute! I will take a closer look when I;m not so bogged down with little man…thanks for everything!

One response to “Sick :(

  1. Take your time, I’m not going anywhere we have lots of time to work on them.

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