Major Cutie

Today, Alex had his first cadiologist appointment. It took forever, in fact we were in the Drs office for 2.5 hours. When we got there they did all the usual things such as weight, height, BP, etc. Then they did an EKG. Alex did well, he only whined alittle when they applied the stickers for the EKG. He was wiggly so i had to hold him still which was harder than i thought because he is REALLY strong. The EKG showed that his right side was still being over-active. After the Dr reviewed it she decided to have us stay so that she could have an echo done. After about 30 minutes in a really tiny HOT room, the tech came to take us for the Echo. Luckily they do it in a dark room so i gave Alex a pacifier and held his little hands off his chest so she could do the test. After what I swear was an hour we were finally done. Once that was done the Dr read the results and we got good and bad news. the original probem we were monitoring seems to be minimal at most and will not require surgery…HOWEVER…upon reviewing the Echo they discovered that there his an abnormality of his pulminary valve. They don’t think is will be a problem but it is hard to tell at this stage. We have to wait for two months until his lung pressure decreases.  We go back in month. For now…I am going to feed Alex and then try to lay down…

One response to “Major Cutie

  1. I know how hard the EKG and Echo can be. Serena went at 6, 9 and 12 to have them both. She is supposed to be checked again at 24, which is coming right up. We got a lot of the same news, that its hard to tell, he was pretty sure but…I hope he is doing well, and you too of course! We won’t be down at my parents this weekend I don’t think but I should be down there Thursday sometime, so if you know when you will be there let me know and I’ll make sure I’m down early enough.

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