Coming home

YAY! We finally got to bring little man home. It was a journey though…we did it in stages because there was no way I could handle that long a drive all at one time. Frank worked today so that he could save a vacation day to stay home with me once mom goes back to work. Mom and Glenn came to the hospital this morning and waited with me until the neonatologist was ready to discharge Alex. Before we left the Dr gave us some referrals for Alex’s hand at Children’s Hospital. We will follow up with that in a few weeks. He also told us to have Alex checked tomorrow by his own pediatrician because he is still alittle jaundice. On top of all those appointments I also have to make one with the cardiologist this week and my Dr next week. So much for resting! Once we were discharged Grandpa Glenn drove Mom, Alex, and I to Wegmans so I could get my perscription filled and to see Aunt Julie. Wegmans didn’t have and percocet which shocked me but atleast Julie got to see Alex. I was riding in the backseat with Alex so I could keep an eye on him but I get carsick in the backseat so i was having a rough time, add to that the bumpy road due to construction was killing my incision and my back. We had to stop in Leesburg at Bloom so mom could grab a few things for her house and I could get out of the car. I ended up taking a Zofran because I was so sick but atleast it worked better than before i gave birth. After that we went to mom’s to drop off Glenn . I fed and changed Alex while mom put dinner on for them. Grandma and Papa came over to see him or a few minutes then we were on the road again. We stopped off in Round Hill to see Susan and Jim for a few minutes…again so I could get out of the car but it was nice to see them. I haven’t seen them since the wedding in December. Finally…we get over the mountain and it starts to pour down rain. We had to stop at Martains so I cold get my perscription filled but the wait was about 25 minutes. I couldn’t tolerate going home and coming back out AGAIN…once I got home this is where I wanted to stay! So while we waited mom and I walked around the store and got some groceries for my house, mostly just frozen dinners and easy to fix meals so I can grab something while I am home alone this week. After our VERY LONG DAY…Alex finally got home around 3:30pm…around 4 hours after we got discharged lol It was still storming so I came in and mom handed me Alex. While I got us settled in mom brought everything in and the poor thing was SOAKED, I had to give her some cloths…she looked like she had taken a bath in her cloths! I’m not sure if it was hormones and mood swings or what but I broke down when we got here. Frank had come home a few nights instead of staying at the hospital so that he could clean and have everything ready when we got home. He did a little but not as much as I thought he would. I was so mad but instead of just being pissed off I was crying…i felt like he had abandoned us for no reason…atleast if he had come home to clean he would have had a purpose but he didnt so i just felt like he didnt want to be around. Mom stayed and helped straighten everything up and get me unpacked from the hospital. Then she made dinner before she went home. She made me a STEAK-which is a big deal because I havent been able to eat protein like that since January atleast. I don’t know what I would have done had she not been around to help me…not just today but during everything I have been through. She is an amazing mom and I only hope I will be half as good as her. After mom left I fed Alex and then we both laid down for awhile. He woke up because his blankie fell off which woke me up so i fixed it and he went right back to bed. I stayed up and pumped so I would have bottles made for tonight. I am trying to get ahead but until my milk comes fully in its hard to get more than 2 bottles ahead. After Alex ate again I let Frank do HIS FIRST DIAPER…and man was that funny! He finally got it on although I had to help him a lot. All I have to say is practice makes perfect frankiepoo lol!! Alex and I just lounged in bed for awhile after that, I got online and he slept in my lap. He is such a good baby! Even during all that time in the car he either slept or just sat there and looked around, taking it all in! Frank is sleeping on the couch for now so that he doesnt roll over and hurt me during the night…and I’m sure so that the baby wont wake him up. Alex is in his bassinet next to the bed sleeping like an angel…I am about to pump one more time for tonight and then I am going to bed until Alex wakes up for a snack…

One response to “Coming home

  1. Sounds like you had a really long day. Its good that you got to see a lot of people along the way. I know I was just ready to get home that first day. I get car sick in the back seat too, but I think I rode in the front on the way home from the hospital, I didn’t want to squeeze into the back! I hope he stays a good baby. They sleep a lot when they are little, all Serena did was eat and sleep, and poop of course! Its hard when you come home to a dirty house when you expected it to be clean. Scott didn’t spend a lot of time at the hosptial either, but I had a shared room and he couldn’t. A group of my girlfriends cleaned the house up, as a welcome home present and a surprise, though I expected Scott to do it. I feel bad for whoever did the toilet. I hope your hormones straighten themselves out, I know it can take a while.

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