For something so natural it sure takes a lot of work and practice. I went to a class this morning. It was somewhat helpful except he wasn’t ready to eat until about 45 minutes after the class ended. I learned some positions and tips though. The lactation nurses have come to my room for three days now. Alex is stubborn and impatient. He will latch on but won’t stay because my milk doesn’t/hasn’t let down yet. I have been using a pump to get the milk I do have and to stimulate my milk to come in. It seems to be working because I was able to pump extra today for a night feeding. For now the plan is to try and get him to latch then if not pump and feed him that instead. We are walking a very fine line right now because he is jaundice. It is not bad enough for him to stay under the lights they just want me to feed him a ton so he passes the extra chemicals out in his urine to eliminate the jaundice.

I will be going home tomorrow.  Dr. Gopal came by today and cleared me for discharge. The pediatrician here at the hospital also came by. They are going to recommend a specialist for Alex’s hand. I am feeling better. I’m still very sore on my left side so twisting and bending hurt. I have not been sick since Thursday and it feels amazing!! Last night grandma and papa brought me homemade scalloped potatoes. THEY WERE SOOO GOOD!!!

Well Alex is sleeping now so I am going to eat and then try to pump some more for later…

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