Good mornin’

So in my last post they had little man in the nursery until his 2am feeding but when I got up to feed I could hardly move…i had no medication in my system and had such a sore stomach. They fed him a two ounces in the nursery for me and then I fed him at 4:45 once the medicine had kicked in. I am feeling much better now and will not let that happen again 🙂 He latched on and fed for about 10 minutes and then I finger fed him another .5 oz of formula just to be sure he got enough…

He seems to be doing well. I finally heard a real cry this morning when I was changing his diaper and shirt. He was cold I guess. All day yesterday people told me my room was freezing but I must have had some crazy hormones going on because I was sooo HOT…but this morning I agree is was cool so I have asked them to warm it up in here. He is sleeping now and sucking on a binky…SO CUTE!!

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