Just a little update

Hello everyone!!

I just thought I would post something short while Alex is gone to the nursery. They have already come and taken his hospital photos and they are soooo cute. He is doing very well considering all the trouble he gave me. He hasn’t quite mastered nursing yet but he is trying which they said was good so far. He has already had a few good diapers meaning everything is flowing right lol ! I am feeling a little sore but not too bad. I have not been nauseated so far today…knock on wood! Last night was pretty rough but I think it was a mix of my normal sickness (hormones) and the anaesthesia from the surgery.

We will be staying until Saturday or Sunday. Once we decided to have the C-Section it was scheduled to be routine but about 2 minutes before surgery his heart went into more d-cells for the umpteenth time for the day only this time they did not rebound so withing like a minute and half he was out. They had to do things so quick she said I may have more pain than normal so the might keep me all weekend but we’ll see.  Alex is doing well. He seems very quiet as I have only heard him cry twice…once in the delivery room and once when he peed on a nurse this morning lol! They have taken him now to do some tests on his heart to determine the degree of his problem. I don’t know who knows what at this point so I will let you know. He was born without his right ring finger and we don’t know why. It didn’t show in any of his ultra sound because he had his fists shut most of the time. From what they have said so far they are thinking it is mostly cosmetic because he seems to have good dexterity and function in the rest of his fingers and hand. If that is the only thing they find wrong then god bless it. If nothing else he will just have a killer curve ball one day…

I am going to try to eat now. The have brought me a liquid lunch tray so we’ll see…I will post more after we hear from the cardiologist

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