Alex’s Heart Update

GREAT NEWS!!! The Dr came and did his echo this afternoon. From everything they saw today ththey feel safe in saying they are 95% sure he will be fine without any surgery! We will take him in next week for another look to be sure and then they will likely monitor him for the next few months/years as he grows. The one side is still larger than the other but mechanically speaking everything seems to be functioning fine. His valve that is supposed to close after birth has not fully closed but that is somewhat normal because it can take a few days after birth and when they checked him he was only about 20 hours old…

In other news…ALEX DOESN’T CRY…at least not really…

They did his Hep. B shot today and he barely made a whimper. He was like “WA-wait its not worth it” lol and they said he pretty much slept during his echo even though he was being messed with. I’m sure that will all change but for now he seems so peaceful!!

Lucky me…after all this time! We have a wonderful baby!

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