Blog from Bed :(

So at 8:35pm last night, Dr. G came in and inserted the Cervidil which looked like a really long shoe string. Exactly 33 minutes later it was pulled. The medicine put Alex in fetal distress very rapidly. He had two large decelerations of his heartbeat to where it dropped below 90 bmp (beats per minute) and stayed there. They pulled the medicine and he rebounded quickly and was in no distress. At around 9:30 they came in and tell me just sleep and we will start the  in the morning. I was given a sleep aid (not that it did much or could) but I wasn’t able to fall asleep until around 11:45. Every 10 minutes or so he would go off monitor so they would come in and move me and the monitor until they could find his heartbeat again. Finally satisfied and drugged I did go to sleep for a little while At 3:10am my room became abuzz with activity. Three nurses rush in each with their own agenda. V had me repositioning on the bed and monitors. S helped attach an oxygen flow and K started and IV. For no obvious reason he began have decelerations again. These were lasting about 3 minutes at a time. They had me sit up and change positions with the mask on and he has returned to his normal heart rate for now. Upon waking up however I began to vomit so I was given more Zofran medication. We are waiting for news of what happens next…will update soon

One response to “Blog from Bed :(

  1. I’m so excited! Update as soon as you can. I know he is here, congrats!

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