Dr Appt.


Alex will be arriving on July 9th, 2008…and for those of you who dont know that is Frank’s birthday. He is pretty excited but says he is jealous. He will never have another birthday. POOR GUY! But really, what better birthday present can you get…I MEAN COME ON…IT’S A BABY!! I went today and was told I was dehydrated AGAIN and my blood pressure was alittle high whcih they said was caused by the dehydration. On Thursday I will go for another fluid check and NST (stress test). Next tuesday July 8th I have an appointment at 1:15pm for a final check. At 6:45 that night I will check into INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital to begin cervidel which will hopefully start labor. I will be admitted overnight and induction will begin at 6 am Wednesday morning. If labor does not begin with the cervidel or begins and does not progress I will most likely be having a C-Section. I don’t mind either way!! Thats all for today…I am going to make dinner now.

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